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Wherever we go, whatever we do, whatever our need might be, God is right there with us. Nothing can do for us what God can.

We will pray for your problems and sickness. Our beloved Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will deliver you of your sickness and you will experience the divine healing from the Lord.


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Prayer Request Form

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Prayer hours - 4 am to 11.55 pm

Languages: Tamil, English, Hindi and Malayalam
Tamil, English - Contact Nos.: 9486860573 & 9094048326
Hindi and Malayalam – Contact No.: 9094048326

Please don't forget to write the miracle you have received from the hands of the Heavenly Father because our God always loves a thankful heart.

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Contact us

The Rajkumars,
No.1, Rajavetha Illam,
Main Road, Kathanchavadi,
Porayar-609 307
Nagapattinam District
Tamil Nadu, South India
Contact Numbers: 9486860573, 9094048326
Phone: (04364)289020

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