Comments from Readers
  • Nice Contributions! It is really a great magazine. May God bless you all!

    - Prof. Anburani

  • I am glad I got this magazine. I don’t feel reading this as a periodical rather keeps it as a daily devotional. Awesome message by Dr. Irene! The character of Esther is an example for every believer to follow. May God bless all your efforts!

    - Pastor. Daniel

  • Nice to have a magazine of this type in the last days! The Lord will richly bless you and your writings

    - Bro. Noble

  • So good, amazing efforts and you have spent a very quality time to bring this out… It’s time for us to devastate the kingdom of Satan and article on ‘Victory over the devil’ is found to be useful…. not only to me but to so many people ….. God bless you all…

    - Mr. Senthil Kumar

  • A great article by Mrs. Priscilla Jarve about Psalm23! Glory to God Almighty and all praise are yours forevermore

    - Pastor. Samson

  • Woow….God is really Amazing…It is really exciting to know the love and care of our
    Father God.

    - Bro. Prabhu, Evangelist

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We, The Rajkumars, published the first issue of ‘The Eagle’s splendour’ in English with Tamil translation as a bimonthly magazine in March 2014. But, as planned earlier, we want to publish it as an e-Magazine sothat it can be read by many people around the globe. We arrive at it and continue to publish it from January 2015 as a Quarterly seasonal magazine (Four issues per year). Hard copies of the magazine will also be circulated to those who are willing to have it.

Comments from Readers
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