Warm Greetings to the readers of ‘The Eagle’s Splendour’ in the precious and peerless name of our beloved Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!        

Eccl. 3:11 says, ‘He has made everything beautiful in its time…’. By His infinite grace, He has made it possible for us to release the magazine for the glory of His name. We are extremely delighted to bring the word of God through this magazine.     

As lead by the Spirit of the Lord, the messages are written from the scriptures by the members of the team. We wish the heavenly father to help the readers to understand the word of God and like eagles soaring on high above, you should acquire fascinating rich experiences through this magazine.


Omnipotent Father; Jesus the Saviour; Holy spirit, the Comforter;
We welcome you; Lord, Come and dwell amoung us; And cherish our lives with thy blessings...

"...thy youth is renewed like the eagle's"


News and Events

We, The Rajkumars, published the first issue of ‘The Eagle’s splendour’ in English with Tamil translation as a bimonthly magazine in March 2014. But, as planned earlier, we want to publish it as an e-Magazine sothat it can be read by many people around the globe. We arrive at it and continue to publish it from January 2015 as a Quarterly seasonal magazine (Four issues per year). Hard copies of the magazine will also be circulated to those who are willing to have it.

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